Welcome to PPG

We are a community for aspiring and professional photographers alike. We organize fun, friendly, and educational events, where our members come together to create and collaborate with one another.

We hope you’ll join us for one of our many hands-on workshops, classes, or get-togethers. We are an active community of photographers, who often meet in various cities across the Carolinas and Georgia to learn, create, and have some fun together.
The photography forum on this website is an open and free resource for anyone.  We invite you to join us there as well. Please feel free to jump into any of the discussions, ask questions, or contribute to our group.

If you are curious about our upcoming events and workshops, please take a moment to check out the events section of this website or click on the Meetup icon above to be directed to a page where our PPG Meetup sites are listed by city.

If you are looking for suggestions about equipment or photography learning material, our PPG store is a great resource that we have put together just for that purpose.  Click here  to be directed to our suggested Amazon links for all your photography needs.